What is is a Masternode-Ecosystem service operated by Merebel based in Austria. We run Masternodes for you so you do not have to bother with marketplaces, system set up, Masternode configuration, server hosting, administrations and more. We also change all your rewards in Bitcoin to make it safer and more comfortable for our Investors. Just let your Bitcoins grow or charge automated your MasterMERIcard with returns in Fiat!

What makes Masternode Pool unique?

When we were looking at other companies, there were some key features we were missing. Therefore we decided to respond to the need in the market and are proud to have some significant factors that differentiate us. Here are the most important of them:

  1. First Masternode Pool with an automated Bitcoin reward system: Get all your Masternode rewards in Bitcoin. With our fully automated exchange trading API software, all your rewards are automatically distributed in Bitcoins every 8 hours,
    This, in turn makes your investment a lot safer, as masternode coins can fluctuate a lot, so you can get the average ROI out and thus minimize the risk tremendously!
  2. Transparency: Our operations are fully transparent. You are able to independently verify our nodes and rewards. Unfortunately, lots of other companies only claim to be staking but aren’t in reality.Our Nodes and wallets are connected with each Blockchains, that makes Merebel-Ecosystem to a real Fintech-Blockchain-Investment-Platform.
  3. Sustainability: We tightly calculate our fees to offer attractive services to our users. However, we are also calculating so we can sustain for the long run. To secure operations, we always first deduct the fix costs before we are taking any rewards. 
  4. Super simple user experience: Users do not have to worry about pledging or depositing different coins to operate a node. It's extremely comfortable to use with our all-inclusive masternode ecosystem! 
  5. Self-service: Login to your Dashboard and manage it in your own terms. You do not have to contact us, simply use our intuitive userfriendly web interface to manage your account. 
  6. Auto compounding: With your permission, we compound your rewards automatically, not every month, week, or day, but every single reward!
  7. Real-Bitcoin-Wallets: Every user have a real and very secure Bitcoin wallet.
  8. Affiliate Multi-Level-Marketing distribution system: We are the first Masternode-pool with an Affiliate Multi-Level-Marketing plan for our Sales partner.
  9. Incredible fast: Register, deposit and setup your Masternode package in few minutes.
  10. Stability and safety is excellent: Merebel has done a great job with their hosting infrastructure and securiy management. Merebel developed a system that is very stable and secure.
What is Staking?

There are different forms of reaching consensus, and therefore consensus algorithms. Beside Proof of Work (PoW), there is also the so called Proof of Stake (PoS) - These are the two best known and most important ways to build consensus in a decentralized blockchain network - however there are also similar variations within the ecosystem. Proof of stake is responsible for moving the blockchain so that new blocks can be created and that new transactions can be made. Stakers earn staking rewards for providing this service. The rewards differ from coin to coin.

What is a Node?

A node is a computer with a certain setup that runs the cryptocurrency’s needed software and validates transactions. A miner or staker always operates a so-called full node (complete copy of the blockchain). This way the correctness of transactions are guaranteed. If a miner or staker shows a different set of data, it would immediately stick out as wrong.

What is a Masternode?

Most of all Proof of Stake consensus algorithms are using masternodes. A masternode not only stores all the data of the blockchain, but also has a fixed number of coins that is locked up. With this, a masternode helps with certain tasks/functions on the blockchain, for example verifying transactions, or helping with consensus, providing privacy features or others. For some cryptocurrencies, these have a higher weight in the vote on updates. For providing these functions in a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, masternodes receive rewards from the respective cryptocurrency.

Can I run a masternode myself or why should I use the Merebel-Ecosystem?

ou certainly can if you fulfill the criterias which involves technical knowledge and financial commitment - two of the aspect that only few people are able or want to meet. An important aspect of a masternode is the minimum amount a node must meet. For a Dash Masternode, for example, 1000 coins are necessary. If a masternode does not meet the minimum requirement, it no longer qualifies as a masternode and loses its privileges. This minimum amount always involves a certain amount of coins in the network. Depending on the price of the coin, this amount can be very high to cover as individual. In addition to that, you have to have the needed technical equipment and knowledge. The more diversified you want to set up your Masternode portfolio, the higher the capital requirements of the individual. The higher the own capital requirement, the higher the risk share in the crypto market. A masternode pool thus offers maximum diversification (distribution) of the risk. With the Merebel Ecosystem all-inclusive service, customers also take advantage of many other features and benefits that you do not have as a private masternode operator.

If I get rewards, why not just always choose the coin with the highest return?

rices for coins are volatile and will not always rise. Therefore, 100%, 500% or more ROI through rewards is only interesting if the coin is not losing its value. Even 500% or more will not gain you much if the coin only has 1% of its original value within a couple of weeks. At Merebel, we carefully consider a different set of coins as we want to offer a range of coins, some with higher returns, but therefore higher risk, and some more settled and sustainable masternodes so you can choose and diversify your risk exposure. Noteworthy is also that ROIs can change and is not the most important factor. Please consider other factors such as Team, Community, Purpose, Liquidity when choosing your staking coin.

Is a Masternode the same as Mining or Cloud Mining?

No, it is something completely different and has nothing to do with each other. Mining, or Cloud Mining, is part of the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus algorithm, whereas, as explained above [What is a Masternode] is part of the Masternode (MN) consensus algorithm. Be vary, many Cloud Mining services are unfortunately very scammy.

What is the amount of share that I can purchase?

The Merebel Pool offers 3 investment packages each Masternode. The price is quoted in $ 500, $ 1500 or $ 3000 packages and automatically conferted into Bitcoin when investing. There is no limit to the number of packages.

What are the supported coins or investments?

The current supported coins or investments are:

  • Merebel (MERI)

  • More coming soon

Why do Masternode coin rewards differ from coin to coin?


The rewards are given by the individual coins for providing a staking node supporting their blockchain. Each coins provide a different reward amount and frequency and are not determined or set by us.

  • Masternode rewards go down as more masternodes come online, similar to how mining gets harder as more miners come online.

  • Depending on the block reward in the code, the ROI can become more or less, this is different each coin and can be found out by a thorough review.(Comparison to Bitcoin: Every 4 years on average 210K blocks the rewardgranted to Bitcoin miners for adding a blockto the blockchain iscut in half.)

  • Masternode rewards go down or up as part of a natural emission schedule, for example, see SINS rewards distribution schedule

  • It assume that it costs nothing to run a masternode, which is not true. Running a masternode involves hardware, service and human resources fees.

  • The fees that we collect: [See What are the fees for Masternode-Rewards], so you can see the Masternode-commission rewards right away. This is also the % you see on your transaction list in your Dashboard.

If coins are needed to operate a Masternode, how does Merebel ensure that a Masternode continues to earn rewards as user withdraws their partial shares?

Merebel maintains a liquidity fund to ensure that at least 1 Masternode is ready for share. It's called as an instant node service.

How is Merebel transparent?

Merebel Masternode Ecosystem is fully transparent by providing all the following metrics:

  1. The number of nodes and shares available on our system can be tracked on our Dashboard.
  2. Every node that we run can be tracked in our Dashboard, this also reveals the address where a Masternode’s collateral is held, allowing anyone to independently validate, via 3rd-party block explorer, that that is the case.
  3. Rewards are listed and provided in our Dashboard and more detailed in transaction page allowing anyone to independently track each and every reward is receiving.This applies to masternode rewards, fees, exchange rewards, MLM commissions bonuses and more.
  4. Your deposits, withdrawals and invest transactions can also be tracked on transaction page.
  5. Total Platform statistic overview like total invest, masternode reward, investment packages and hosted masternodes is displayed in the dashboard.
  6. Actual total platform withdrawals, deposits and invests are also displayed in the Merebel-Masternode-Platform.
Without pledging, how do you get enough collaterals for masternodes?

Merebel maintains liquidity fund of at least 1 node per coin that we list, so we do not have to wait for our users to pledge enough coins before we are able to spin up a Masternode.

What are the fees for Rewards?

Merebel charge 7% of Masternode reward for our direct Masternode commission bonus for our sales partner.

What are the fees for Exchange Masternode coins to Bitcoin?

There are no fixed fees but each exchange has a price difference and individual withdrawal and marketmaker fee, our automated exchange trading software trades in real time and picks up the current best exchange rate.

How long does it take for my Bitcoin deposits to be confirmed?

Deposit Bitcoin require time for at least 1 confirmation before they can be used, that takes usually around 1 minute to 1 hour.

What are our Rewards and how long does it take for my rewards to be confirmed?

Masternode rewards are distributed in real time and can also be tracked in our dashboard transaction list named Reward.

In our platform there are 2 different Masternode rewards.

  • Reward: Masternode coin Reward
  • Exchange Reward: Bitcoin Rewards (Exchanged Masternode rewards in Bitcoin)

Rewards typically take some confirmations on the blockchain before they can be used. This is fully automatic, you do not have to do anything. Merebel automatically exchange all your rewarded coins to Bitcoin every 8 hours except your new generated coins have to few confirmation so you will earn more exchange-rewards in the next round!

When does my masternode package expire?

Your Masternode package expires after 1 year.

What happen with my coins when my Masternode package expire?

After expiration all your masternode packages are traded in Bitcoin and will be credited in your balance.

What is the Masternode investment fee?

The investment Fee is based on each different Masternode coin.

  • Merebel: 15% fee + individual exchange market rate difference and exchange fees

What is the withdrawal fee?

To cover the blockchain fees and administrative fees, Merebel charges a fixed withdrawal fee as per follows:

  • Bitcoin: 3%

How long does it take for my withdrawal to be processed?

Withdrawals are usually processed in real-time. Since you have a real bitcoin wallet in the Merebel platform withdrawals are usually processed in real-time and takes you 1 confirmation until your bitcoins can be used. You can track your transaction in a Bitcoin explorer.

What are the fees for deposits?

Merebel charges zero deposit fees, feel free to send any small amount.

How do I secure my account with 2FA?

We strongly emphasize that you keep your account safe. Please setup your 2FA Dashboard.

Running a Masternode needs a high volume of capital and a good investor network to work profitably.
More investors means an increase in the value of the coins.
Networkers plays an important role in our Merebel-Masternode-Ecosystem and are therefore generously rewarded!

With our new Ecosystem, we make bitcoin mining more cost-effective than against all miners on
the market and thus also solve the known energy wasting problem of mining equipment.
Instead of expensive hardware, the capital is now fed into Masternode-projects,
which in turn increases the network and the value. The more investors, the more successful,
safer and stable the entire project!


A type of Commission gained from the sales achieved by the down level distributors. Merebel MLM Plan has

unlimited direct downlines in the first level, and each downline members can have unlimited downlines under them.

This MLM Plan makes unlimited commissions from sales by the members till 10th level.

Merebel will make his distributors happy by giving tremendous opportunities to earn unlimited income.

This MLM Plan will help long term stability of Merebel and also helps the wider reach of company reputation.

1.LEVEL = 5% 6.LEVEL = 1.5%
2.LEVEL = 2% 7.LEVEL = 1.5%
3.LEVEL = 2% 8.LEVEL = 2%
4.LEVEL = 1.5% 9.LEVEL = 2%
5.LEVEL = 1.5% 10.LEVEL = 2%


Unlimited direct referrals!

Direct commission 5% to motivate distributors to promote business to members.

3. Masternode-Reward-Bonus

Direct Masternode reward commission from your direct partners!

This is also a very profitable bonus, since every time the masternodes of your referrals earn a reward,
you immediately get a bonus in form of bitcoins.
The more Masternodes your partners operate, the more you get.
Up to 7%, depending on your rank!


This bonus is paid to existing members when they turn eligible to the higher rank.

This achievement will be a bonus each rank to increase the Masternode-Reward-Commission percentage.

StarterNode SilverNode GoldNode
500$/BTC 1500$/BTC 3000$/BTC
20 Points 60 Points 120 Points




Rank: Points Reward
Leader 400 +1%
Master 2000 +1%
Champion 10000 +1%
Manager 20000 +1%
Director 80000 +1%
200000 +1%


The top ranked people of Merebel MLM Compensation plans are eligible for additional benefits.

Merebel will provide the leadership pool bonuses to the top-level leaders.

The leadership pool will be a certain percentage of the quarterly sales.

The portion of the leadership pool is distributed to the top-level leaders based on their performance.


Challenges is a very motivational bonus for our best Networker.

We will start monthly contests for our best Networkers.

Merebel will provide you with a Challange page where you can see all stats about the current contest.

Prepare and prove your skills in network marketing. Stay tuned!

1. SignUp
  • Go to SIGNIN -> Click Create an account
  • Input your name, email, password and click Sign up
  • Check email and verify your account.If you do not receive email,please check your spam folder
2. Deposit bitcoin
  • In the platform click on Investment
  • Select Package you want to invest and click Continue
  • Select a masternode coin you want to invest and click Continue
  • Select a Source money and click Continue
  • Your investment order has been created and you will get rewards soon, click to PACKAGES left at the side and check your Masternode status.
3. Invest
  • Go to SIGNIN -> Click Create an account
  • Input your name, email, password and click Sign up
  • Check email and verify your account.If you do not receive email,please check your spam folder
4. Partner
  • Start Networking, Affiliate Marketing or simply recommend us and profit from our Affiliate Multi-Level-Marketing plan.
  • Go to Dashboard and copy your referral link
  • Share your referral link
  • Your referral link works with cookies, if someone register after using your link then you earn from all his investments.
  • If someone registers after using your link, they will automatically linked to your profile.
  • Go to REFERRALS Here you can see how many people you already have in your Downline.
  • Scroll down and you'll learn more about our advanced Masternode Multi-Level-Marketing plan.
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